Foxx And Foster – Glenn Beck, Randazza Legal Group, Politics & Pedophilia

Foxx and Foster send their sincerest condolences to the victims of the June 12 Orlando, Florida nightclub mass shooting.

Foxx and Foster encourage concerned individuals world wide, not to allow the evil within our entertainment industries, political systems and news media to utilize the love the exists between healthy couples (be they heterosexual or homosexual) as a tool or bargaining chip to manipulate or sway voters to justify and/or
legalize the horrific agendas and crimes against children – such as pedophilia.

Diana fka Desi Foxx and Alexandra aka Monica Foster discuss Glenn Beck – a well known political commentator and radio show host who on May 23rd, 2016 stated publicly that he believes the normalization of pedophilia may occur.

Shortly after sharing negative thoughts in regards to presidential candidate Donald Trump on May 25th 2016 (alongside his associate author Brad Thor), Beck was suspended from the network his show has resided on for years – SiriusXM (on May 31, 2016).

Foxx and Foster relate information as to how in 2009 Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group (a man who is a porn industry attorney attached to organized crime, has defended the publication of the book “The Pedophile’s Guide”, and has attended a Libertarian Party of Nevada speaking engagement and luncheon hosted by internationally known convicted pedophile August Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow) defended Eiland-Hall’s first amendment right to maintain the domain

Today, Randazza Legal Group has filed a Civil Lawsuit with the specific intent of halting an independent investigative blogger’s First Amendment rights – and it’s questionable as to if one of the reasons Randazza is targeting this specific blogger has to do with that fact that she (Alexandra Mayers) is who discovered and wrote about Randazza’s attendance at the luncheon referenced above.

As of current Randazza Legal Group has not disproved the negative (which is on court record – Clark County Nevada Civil Case A14699072C) in regards to their verifiable attachment to organized crime.

The reality (and the history) of the sexualization of children in the mainstream media is also discussed in this webisode of Foxx and Foster.


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