Mile-High Sex Bribes Not Wildest Part of NYPD Hooker’s Life


She’s posed nude for Australian Penthouse and nearly nude for reality television, and has titillated tabloids with her jaw-dropping marriage to a septuagenarian tycoon.

That leaves Gabi Grecko — the curvaceous, wig-loving, “Coffee, tea or me?” hooker who quite literally has screwed the NYPD — warmed up for her biggest closeup yet, as a key witness in a blockbuster federal police-corruption probe.

Both before and after flying the very friendly skies three years ago with NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant and former Detective Michael Milici, as their personal kinky “flight attendant,” Grecko, 27, never shied away from the most garish of spotlights.

She found a few minutes of notoriety last year in Australia on that country’s version of “Celebrity Apprentice.” The first contestant to be eliminated, Grecko left the show in tears after failing the challenge: selling tickets to a Sydney rugby match.

“I’ve never in my whole life fit in,” the Miami-born model and musician said through tears.

“I just want to be taken seriously for who I am,” she said, wiping her eyes, before adding: “I don’t feel like I’m appreciated.”

Also last year, Grecko was briefly married to 73-year-old Australia-based medical supply tycoon Geoffrey Edelsten.

Geoffrey Edelsten and Gabi Grecko Photo: Getty Images)

Their marriage lasted less than six months but entertained countless Aussie scandal fans with can’t-look-away photos and videos of the diminutive magnate canoodling with the statuesque blonde.

In one risqué photo shoot, Grecko left Edelsten’s chandelier-crammed Melbourne apartment for a nude nighttime stroll down the aptly named Exhibition Street, wearing nothing but a long, chartreuse wig and giant, gauze-draped bunny ears.

“He’s very sweet and genuine, and that’s very important to me,” she told a talk-show host of Edelsten, founder of Allied Medical Group, as their romance first bloomed in 2014.

“I’m not fake,” she insisted. “I’m very genuine.”

The relationship would leave her with thousands of dollars and lots of goodies, the Daily Mail reported.

Edelsten did take one parting swipe.

“Barely any part of her is untouched,” he said, according to the Mail.

“That woman has cost me a fortune in the year and a half that we’ve been going out.”

But Grecko also took her revenge — and her place in the next glaring spotlight.

In March, Grecko riffed on her kaput relationship with Edelsten by posing for something called Girls and Corpses magazine.

The fetish glossy featured pictures of a lingerie-clad Grecko and an older male model dubbed “Dr. Deadelsten” who played dead while wearing a doctor’s white coat.

The photo spread, shot in a cemetery, showed Grecko crawling about a hearse wearing next to nothing on the couple’s “deading” night.

“I felt it really to be one of those firsts, shooting in a cemetery like in lingerie on someone’s grave, yeah, that’s dead. Someone that’s dead,” she observed. “There’s a dead person under there.”

Grecko hasn’t always been in the scandal sheets, on the arm of a wealthy old man or straddling an actor playing a corpse.

She tragically lost her father to a cocaine overdose when she was just 12 years old, she told Penthouse.

After graduating from high school, Grecko took her chances in the New York fashion industry and on the club scene.

She ran into Edelsten at a music show at Lincoln Center and started chatting with him about his bright-orange pants. She wanted a pair.

That conversation led her to her wild adventure Down Under and then back to the United States after her marriage ended in tears and a long, lonely plane ride home across the Pacific.

Her cleavage has graced the cover of Maxim Australia, and she posed for the April 2015 issue of Australian Penthouse, where she was featured on the cover and in a racy spread inside.

One of the Penthouse shots shows Grecko nude while playing the childhood game Twister, with her feet on separate green circles.

Another has her reclining beside a small, red, manual typewriter. She stares at the camera as if lost in a literary reverie.

By now, she has some 38,000 followers on Instagram, whom she has entertained by suggesting she had filmed a hard-core sex scene.

She left a suggestive, single-word caption for one image, “#coming,” showing her winking in a black bra.

Her still-active Instagram account features semi-nude selfies that skirt violations of the social media site’s often-defied rules against nudity.

While in New York City earlier this year, she had a fling with a 30-year-old club promoter, Jason Skrobe, the Mail reported.

Soon after, she dated a 40-year-old porn star, Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan, but hectic bicoastal schedules prevented the two women from becoming an exclusive couple.

The two pals snapped a selfie in bed and have posed for near-nude photos together.

Morgan, however, has suggested that she never had real feelings for her younger sexpot pal.

“Dating? No, we’re not. She is young and gets excited,” Morgan told the Mail.

“Maybe she is just in love with my crazy personality. We’re both blond and crazy, sexy, funny, eccentric.”

This Hooker was Used to Bribe NYPD Cops with Group Sex

The hooker at the center of the NYPD corruption scandal has revealed to The Post how she engaged in mile-high group sex with two cops and three other men during a wild private-plane trip to Las Vegas.

Gabi Grecko donned a kimpy flight attendant outfit to service now-disgraced NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, since-fired Detective Michael Milici and the others while flying over the American heartland in February 2013, she claims.

She was hired by a pair of businessmen to entertain Grant in exchange for official favors, according to a federal corruption case filed against him this week.

Grecko, 27, told The Post she performed oral sex on each man in the cabin — sometimes simultaneously having sex with more than one of them.

“I was doing it while they were in their seats,” Grecko recalled.

“It was me on top the whole time. Front, behind, side. They all seemed really comfortable to take their pants off in front of each other and laugh about it. It’s like they’d done this before.”

Grant’s co-defendant, Brooklyn businessman Jeremy Reichberg, directed the sexcapades, shouting out instructions and providing running commentary, she said.
Gabi Grecko boards the jet at Teterboro before donning a sexy outfit on board (right) to entertain two cops and three other men.

“He wasn’t really part of the action. He was just like setting it up and watching. He got serviced for part of the time, but he was mostly just egging it on and saying nasty comments, instructing me what to do sexually,” she said.

“He’d call me a dirty slut while smacking my a- -.”

She said she had no idea Grant and Milici, who were in civilian clothing, were cops, although they jokingly swung handcuffs.

“I didn’t think they were real,” she said. “They were just waving them around, like to put them on me. I was like, ‘No way.’ ”

Grecko, who is cooperating with the feds against Grant and Reichberg, said her outfit came from a costume shop near Union Square. Reichberg took Grecko there and helped her pick it out before the trip, she said.

 Gabi Grecko

Grecko called herself “Candi” and briefly tried playing the part of a flight attendant before getting down to business once the plane took off from New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport.

“I was supposed to be a sexy stewardess. I’d ask: ‘Tea or coffee?’ ” she said.

“They all wanted me, I guess, and not the tea or coffee.”

Grecko initially thought the in-flight entertainment would be limited to “sitting on people’s laps and drinking with them.”

Grant kept shouting, “Ma’am, I need service over here!” she said.“I didn’t think it would be as extreme as it was, but then because I obviously couldn’t get off the plane, I had to do what they were telling me,” she said. “More than one would try to get my attention at once. They were really creepy and very rude and offensive.”

And they were a bit picky.

“One of them told me that I wasn’t giving a good b- - -job,” Grecko added.

Grecko’s tale expands on allegations in the criminal complaint unsealed Monday that Grant and Milici joined the Mile High Club during the “first-class plus” flight.

It also expands on other allegations in the complaint against Grant, Reichberg and NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, who is not alleged to have been on the flight.

The feds say Reichberg and a cooperating witness — identified by sources as his pal Jona Rechnitz, a Manhattan real estate investor — invited Grant to join them in Sin City from Feb. 2 through Feb. 4, 2013, for Super Bowl XLVII.

Also on the trip was Grant’s friend Milici, referred to in court papers as “Detective-1,” an unidentified male “associate” of Rechnitz’s and Grecko, whom the feds call “Prostitute-1.”

The four identified men are all married with children.

Reichberg and Rechnitz arranged for Grecko “to come on the private jet and spend the weekend with the group in Las Vegas,” the Manhattan federal court complaint says.

Law enforcement agents who interviewed Grecko “confirmed, among other things, that [she] was engaged to accompany the persons on the trip and that Grant and others took advantage of her services during the trip,” the complaint says.

Modal Trigger
Michael Milici and James GrantPhoto: Gabriella Bass

Rechnitz footed the $59,000 bill for the jet and scored comped rooms for the cops and paid for their meals, the complaint says.

Grant shared his room with Grecko, according to the feds.

Rechnitz wasn’t reimbursed, but the feds say Grant performed “numerous official acts” for him and Reichberg, including “regularly” providing them with police escorts.

Grecko said the group stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

Most of the men shared a huge duplex penthouse suite, equipped with a hot tub on its terrace, while Grant and Grecko shared a smaller penthouse, she said.

The group watched the Super Bowl in a private section of a large party room in the hotel, where they were joined by a bevy of local hookers, Grecko said.

Everyone binged on champagne and catered food, and Grecko said the men bet heavily on the San Francisco 49ers — who lost to the Baltimore Ravens, 34-31.

The group then returned to the large penthouse for a late-night orgy with other hookers, who got naked and hopped into the hot tub, Grecko said.

“When I came in, there were all these nude girls . . . They were walking in and out from the balcony,” Grecko said.

“They didn’t pressure me too much into doing it that time because there were all these girls.”

Following a flight back to Teterboro the next day, Grant drove her to her Harlem apartment. He handed her around $1,500 for her services, she said.

“If our team had won, you would have made more,” Grecko recalled him saying.

Grecko said she had not agreed on a price but had been hoping for $5,000.

“It was very small for what I thought it would be. He made it sound like it was some kind of management decision that they all made,” she said.

“I was really offended, but I didn’t really argue with him. I was really tired. I was just, honestly, really glad the weekend was over and that he was dropping me off. It was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. I was just overcome with relief that it was over.”

Grecko said she was solicited for the trip by Reichberg, whom she met along with Rechnitz at a sexed-up bachelor party at an Upper East Side hotel, attended by several ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.

Grecko had given Reichberg her phone number, and he hired her to work another sex party in Manhattan a few weeks later, she said.

The fifth man on the plane was a friend of Rechnitz, Marco Franco, who told The Post he had been interviewed by the feds. He said Thursday night that he and Rechnitz did not engage in sex with Grecko, and that he was the one who drove her to and from the airport and paid for her services.

‘I was supposed to be a sexy stewardess. I’d ask: “Tea or coffee?” They all wanted me, I guess, and not the tea or coffee.’

 – Gabi Grecko

Grecko said the Vegas trip convinced her to quit as a call girl.

“I just want people to know that because [of] the way I was treated, I stopped doing it,” she said. “It’s a dark thing that happened to me, but I don’t think it defines me.”

Lawyer Robert Baum, of the Federal Defenders of New York, confirmed he was representing Grecko as a potential witness against Grant and Reichberg.

“If called upon as a witness, she will testify truthfully about events that occurred on the plane and in Las Vegas,” he said.

Grant’s lawyer, John Meringolo, called Grecko’s claims “an assassination of my client’s character,” adding, “The evidence will show it has nothing to do with the alleged quid pro quo.”

Rechnitz’s attorney, Marc S. Harris, called Grecko’s allegations “false and unfounded.”

Reichberg’s lawyer declined to comment, as did a spokesman for Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara.

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