Foxx and Foster – February 2016 News Review

Foxx and Foster – February 2016 News Review & Commentary from Foxx and Foster on Vimeo.

On the February 2016 Foxx and Foster News review, Alexandra aka Monica Foster and Diana fka Desi Foxx provide coverage and commentary on the following news items and issues:

Black History month with a special honorable mention of Alice Walker (novelist, short story author, poet and activist who coined the term “Womanist” and who founded the American Womanism movement).

Fred Rogers (better known as Mr. Rogers) and his efforts to provide a positive influence on children and bring families closer together via his activism and political efforts to bring the VCR into households nationwide (an effort which unfortunately was later corrupted and exploited by negative media such as today’s pornographic industry).

An update on the identity theft situation Alexandra Mayers is contending with which is linked to Pornwikileaks and Randazza Legal Group.

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals and her blatant exploitation of Black History month for her own personal gain (in which she diminished and failed to tell the truth of the source of racism in the porn industry towards Blacks – and exactly where it stems from and why).

The racism specifically targeted towards Black women (and the unjustifiable discrimination they face and unequal pay) and the blatant racism displayed towards Black women by the porn studio Wicked Pictures.

Xbiz and the porn industry’s efforts to cover up and fail to report the truth of copyright troll and porn industry attorney Marc Randazza’s attempt to essentially bribe individuals in the excess of $20K not to report his unethical behavior to the State Bars of which hold his Bar Licenses.

Jenna Jameson revealing on her webcast that she was in part raised by a Jewish stepmother.

Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group defending on public television news Roosh V. – a man who suggested that RAPE on private property should be legalized (Randazza claim’s Roosh’s suggestion was “Satyre”).

The city of Dallas banning adult industry (porn) conventions.

Moonlite BunnyRanch owner Dennis Hof testifying for a Phoenix sex cult.

Kanye West stating on Twitter that Bill Cosby is innocent.

The pornstar who appears to be “planted” in one of Ted Cruz’s political ads.

Maxim Magazine’s report on celebrities scarred from steamy sex scenes.

The legal situation between popstar Kesha (Ke$ha) and Dr. Luke

An update on pornstar Stoya – her decision not to leave the porn industry or TrenchcoatX (due to her business partner Kayden Kross), her affiliation with HIV positive Charlie Sheen’s ex girlfriend Brett Rossi, her lack of attendance on the “Consent in Porn” panel (which was initially quietly canceled) and her new SWF look alike Chanel Preston (who happens to be James Deen’s new girlfriend).

Womanism (Womenism) and it’s historical suppression by Feminism.

MALAWI: Flood victims request condoms as emergency aids and American Media reports that the public considers it an unusual request.

The CDC (center for disease control) recommends condoms to pornstars in their official report after a Gay pornstar tested HIV positive and exposed 17 partners in 22 days. Meanwhile Cal/OSHA drops their efforts to amend condom laws (as porn valley refuses any laws that regulate their “industry”).

Charlie Sheen brings unprecedented awareness to HIV but no one’s mentioning the pornstars who he was having sex with or their link to illegal prostitution (sextrafficking) rings.

Terry Crews comes out about his porn addiction – and he is the evidence that it takes a strong man to admit when he has a problem and an even stronger one to actively make changes to improve his life for the better.

Hugh Hefner’s new NON-NUDE format of Playboy Magazine which in actuality appears to be a method to recruit underage girls into the world of adult entertainment and exploit the sexual image of underage teens.


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