Another Dennis Hof Brothel Insider LEAK!? Criminals Trying to be Drivers Amongst Apparent Alcohol Abuse!

Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre (circled in green) - Dennis Hof (circled in red)

Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster commentary:  I received this email in regards to the happenings at one of the Dennis Hof brothels (the Love Ranch specifically).  I find it pretty interesting that Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre, a criminal convicted for domestic violence against his wife Christina Parreira (aka the prostitute Goddess Vienna), thinks that he’d be a good candidate to be employed as one of Dennis Hof’s drivers (who would drive the women employed by Hof around).

In addition the claims of alcohol abuse certainly bring into question what exactly happened to Lamar Odom a few weeks ago…

Text below from the email I received. Screen shot at bottom of post.

Hi I just came across your video on you tube about Goddess Vienna & Ari her husband.
I am the General Manager of Love Ranch Vegas, & have worked there 2+ years now. My first year I was a cashier, then Oct 1 2014 I was made GM of both Love Ranch Vegas & Alien Cathouse. Currently I am on medical leave, tho I don’t think I have a job now that I have spoken out about recent events. In fact they already cut my pay the minute I went for my normal doctor visit as I have high blood pressure & degenerative disc disease in my back & I see my doctor every 3 months.
Ari tried to get me to hire him as our driver. I wouldn’t.
There is much more that you haven’t been told about. Like when Goddess Vienna (Formerly known as Kinky Kora when she worked at Alien Cathouse) passed out in a party with a couple. They had drank lots of booze that day, and Kinky Kora took some pills. After not being able to wake her for 2-3 hours, the Madam Sonja at the time called me to ask what to do. I responded “why didn’t you already call the ambulance?” This was not the first incident in which the Madam called me to see what to do. There was a girl named Bentley Bardot that passed out & there was an empty bottle of vodka found by her. Also another gal the former Madam hired & kept bringing back like Goddess Vienna, who would go from the psych ward to the brothel & back again. I had to take control of her (Quinn Patrick) medication & have the cashiers dispense it as she was abusing it.
Currently I am represented by attorneys, but if you would like to speak to me I can arrange it.

Screen shot of the email I received from a Dennis Hof "insider"

Click to enlarge Ari Scott Bass aka Michael Whiteacre's criminal inmate record


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