Lamar Odom May Have Been Influenced By Brothel Management To Choose Women Who Encouraged Drug Use

EDITORIAL: When I was at the brothel and ‘important’ johns came into town, Dennis chose which girls would have access and opportunity to spend time with the john. Dennis takes a group of girls, of HIS choosing, to dinner with the john where they could all spend some time together. The john would then pick from the group and all johns can add or change girls at will once the debauchery begins.
Before the girls would be able to meet with ANY ‘important’ john, they would be coached and instructed on what to do, how to act and what to expect BY DENNIS. Lamar Odom is a celebrity. No way Dennis would just let anyone have access to him to do whatever they wanted.
What girls Lamar had to choose from were all predetermined by Dennis Hof. Anyone else get blamed, they’re taking the fall for Dennis. Nothing happens anywhere around Dennis without him knowing what’s happening. Any celebrity or otherwise power player that Dennis can get close to so he can exploit their influence is monitored, groomed and played by Dennis and anyone he allows in the game.
Look up conman, scam artist, grifter, snake oil salesman. You’ll find the real definition of a pimp, his hookers and the john relationship. It’s letting a criminal into your most private space. The more experienced the pimp and hooker, the more a john will have to lose!

This is so scary!

Reports are coming out that Lamar Odom may have been pushed towards spending his time at the Love Ranch brothel with women who had a bad reputation for tolerating and even encouraging drug use.

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According to sources, other girls at the Love Ranch feel as though Khloé Kardashian‘s husband was set to head down a dark path when he was allegedly pushed by the brothel’s management towards choosing two specific girls to spend time with who were widely known to tolerate drug use.

Apparently, the girls that were left unpicked complained bitterly about the fact that management pushed Lamar into a potentially dangerous situation with women who could enable his drug use — and of course as we’ve seen the past few weeks, that’s exactly what happened.

If anything, this won’t improve the relationship between the Kardashians andDennis Hof, the owner of the brothel.

What do U think about this sad twist in an altogether unfortunate story?

[Image via PNP/WENN.]


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