Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Brothel Worker Who Found Lamar Odom Unconscious is ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’

Monica Monroe, one of the Prostitutes that found Lamar Odom unresponsive at Love Ranch breaks her silence. She says she’s in a witness protection program. What will Dennis think of next? His spinning gets weirder and more ridiculous every day.


Monica Monroe with Dennis Hof. She looks like she’s twelve and she has to have sex with Dennis while calling him Daddy. He likes them REAL young. That’s why he recruits underage girls. It’s also very likely the reason why he is estranged from his own daughters!

One of the prostitutes that found Lamar Odom is ready to talk!

Monica Monroe is currently at the center of the controversy surrounding Khloe Kardashian‘s estranged husband’s overdose during his stay at the Love Ranch in Nevada last week.

However, it seems she’s ready to clarify her part in the whole ordeal.

The petite blonde told DailyMail:

“I didn’t do anything wrong – I saved his life.”

ICYMI: Lammy was found unresponsive last Tuesday after partaking in a particularly troubling binge which resulted in him going into a coma and being hospitalized at the Sunrise Hospital in Sin City.

Apparently, the call girl and her co-worker Ryder Cherry fled the famous brothel after news broke of the NBA great’s medical condition. The pair previously refused to elaborate about their romp with L.O. — who supposedly requested their presence at least six times a day.

But now, Monica seems rather chatty.

She continued:

“I’m not to blame at all because I didn’t do anything wrong at all. I feel like I saved his life by finding him. My face is all over the world wide news now but we have an issue about this because I didn’t do anything wrong.’

It’s said that both professionals were interviewed by the Nye County Sheriff’s Department after the reality TV star was rushed away.

As we previously reported, Dennis Hof noted that his workers didn’t see any illegal drug use but DID hear some suspicious snorting noises coming from the bathroom. It’s since been confirmed that Lamar had cocaine in his system.

Miz Monroe has decided not to share her real name or location as she’s apparently in the Witness Protection program after she saw her boyfriend murdered. Wait, what?!

She added:

“I haven’t got paid. First of all, the $75,000, it’s half with the house. On top of that, me and the [other] girl have to split it, so we don’t get $37,000 each. I just found my man murdered not that long ago. And then my mother’s house was shot up, someone was looking for me and I’m in a witness protection program. And now my hair, my new dark that I dyed – because I’m not blonde anymore – it’s out in the news. I have a problem now.”


In regards to the other woman who found Lamar, Miz Cherry, whose real name isKortnie Cannon, left the ranch during the former LA Laker‘s stay to talk to a friend in a car. The 25-year-old’s yet to comment on the incident.

In fact, the single mother handed back the $19,000 she received for her time with KoKo’s former flame. We’re not sure if this is out of fear of SEEMING guilty or just guilt. WE KID.

It seems there may be more to this story that’s yet to come to light. It’ll be inneresting to learn what really happened that fateful night — hopefully Lamar will fully recover enough to talk about the situation.

Fingers crossed.

[Image via Twitter/WENN.]

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