Sex Workers Anonymous: Legalizing Prostitution Allows Pimps to Walk Free for Their Crimes

Trafficking and Prostitution Services Online on July 11, 2014 ·

Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch, has offered Phoenix $500,00 to open a brothel there during the Super Bowl to “eliminate sex trafficking”. Here’s a link to his offer…/nevada-man-wants-to-sp…/12404087/

Below is a letter I just emailed to Phoenix Mayor Mr. Stanton:

Dear Mr. Stanton:

In 1988 Joe Conforte, the man who owned the Mustang Ranch brothel, put up $1,000,000 into a PR firm to try and convince California voters to legalize prostitution. Not “decriminalize” (which just means the women aren’t arrested), but to “legalize” it. By “legalizing” it – this means that it’s legal when it’s “controlled” and “regulated” by men like Joe. In other words – when there’s brothels in place. Brothels that have to be owned by someone.

Back then, the FCC had required that anyone doing any media for anything that was a political issue had to have an “opposing” viewpoint. Which meant every time he went onto TV, radio or did a news article – he had to get someone to go up against him. Because Joe had shot a very famous unarmed boxer down in cold blood right in front of a cop and didn’t even do a day in jail for it – needless to say no one else wanted to do any interviews opposing Joe..

I found it a good way to promote the hotline I founded to go along with our program (then called Prostitutes Anonymous) – so I went on “against” the man.

His big lie at the time was him touting around a report that claimed that no brothel prostitute had HIV at a time when other hookers were showing up with rates as high as 80%. During this HIV epidemic, and before they had the medications that they have now – his big marketing line was that it was “safer” to buy prostitutes from his place and not catch something.

Only I tracked down more information on this “report”. First of all I learned that he had funded the report. So I don’t think the researcher was really going to come back with a bad answer after that. Second, the women were tested for HIV before they came to work there because they had to pass the HIV test to get the license to work there in the first place.

At this time, the HIV virus had to have six months to incubate before the test could reveal it’s presence. What he did was he would fire each of the women there at four months. Then no one was followed up on after they left working there. So it was “rigged”.

There was no way anyone would show up as positive because he had everyone fired before the virus had time to incubate. There was also no follow-up on these women after leaving the brothel. I then brought on women who had worked for Joe who had then tested positive after the six month period of having worked for him to counter his false claims on this media campaign of his.

The bill was put before the voters and we won. It was not legalized in California. Many of the women that Joe brought onto these talk shows by force came to me for help to escape working there. One of them was even his madam, Sharnel Silvey.

Before leaving his employ – Sharnel left out the “real” books on the income there. I then remembered Al Capone – and called the IRS. They came in and of course found he had been “cooking the books”. They found him guilty of income tax evasion and then took the brothel away from him.

Then he bought the brothel through a straw buyer. The IRS found out about it and made him put in another manager. At this point Joe was getting tired of having me not only block his project to get the brothels legalized outside of Storey County – but also helping women to leave his employ permanently through So to try and shut me up – he offered me a $120,000 year salary and a $100,000 “sign up bonus” to come to work for him as a madam. I refused.

The woman who took the job – wound up getting set up by Joe on money laundering and racketeering charges. She got three years in prison and a $300,000 fine. Good thing I didn’t take the job offer. It was hard as I had just left my husband and I was on welfare at the time.

But I knew the kind of man Joe was. I was right – and the woman who took the job wound up going to jail because as the saying goes “if you lay down with dogs – you come up with fleas”. I know well the kind of men who own and run these brothels Mr. Stanton.

Because being in Brazil didn’t stop Joe from continuing to run women for money. An IRS agent who came in to take over running the brothel after he left the country was soon trafficking women in from Oakland, California to Nevada to work at the brothels. In fact, he used his IRS badge for 11 years to do this – often confusing very young women that he was a police officer with it. When we managed to get enough cases against him to prove what he was doing in the hopes of getting him stopped and in jail – he wound up doing it for a whole other year anyway before he was actually stopped for good.

How did he get away with it for so many years? Well he had police protection. Look up the case of Chris Butler who was operating his trafficking ring at the same time. This man ran a private detective agency. He also used currently working police to be his guard dogs where he would use them to threaten other prostitutes and madams that were his “competition”. He also used these officers to make sure his trafficking victims knew if they ran – anywhere the police could find them – he’d find them.

Which is why I’m always emphasized that our program, Sex Workers Anonymous, and our hotline is not connected with law enforcement. It’s also why we can’t use traditional “safe houses” – because the police know where all the safe houses are. Police were involved in my trafficking case when I was arrested in 1984. If I had testified against these officers, and the CIA, and everyone else involved in my trafficking ring – I would have been dead.

As it was, I had both the mob and the cops trying to kill me after my arrest in fear I would “talk”. It was only when they realized I would not that they stopped trying to kill me (I was involved in the Iran Contra scandal in Los Angeles in the 1980’s as part of my trafficking story). Knowing that most organized trafficking rings use the police – this is why our program has always used an “off the grid” system to help our members to escape and stay alive.

So for years, Kemp continued to bring women down from Oakland supposedly to work as waitresses at the restaurants in these brothels. From there they are lured into the strip clubs, and then from there they go to work at the brothels. Joe was not the only brothel owner using these underage trafficking victims to work there – or the trafficking would have stopped when he fled to Brazil to run women down there.

But it didn’t. Look at Joe Richards. He was another brothel owner. Three brothels in fact he owned, along with his “strip clubs” (which were merely a way to lead the women to work at the brothels). He was caught trying to bribe a city councilwoman, Candace Johnson. This was not just some innocent “grease” either. Women had disappeared out of his place never to be seen again. To this day, Candace reports she can’t answer her phone because of Joe’s death threats because of her getting him arrested for trying to bribe her.

This woman was a city councilwoman, the daughter of a preacher, and trying to just be a good person. When he comes along and puts her in the dilemma of taking the bribe “or else”. Now she’s having to look over her shoulder, had to take a job out of the state, and can’t answer her phone because of his death threats. That’s what he did with a daughter of a preacher – can you imagine what he might be doing to someone who was working for him as a prostitute?

After Joe Richards got himself arrested and lost his brothel licenses – he continued to try to help Heidi Fleiss get her a brothel license. He figured he could operate with her running the business in her name. So he sided up to her romantically and convinced people she was going to be able to obtain a brothel owner license – despite her being a felon.

For a long time she was telling “investors” that she was going to open up a “stud farm”. Anyone in the sex industry knows that women are not going to drive clear up to the middle of the Nevada desert to buy a man. But that wasn’t the point – raising investor money from rich men who fantasized about working for Heidi was. Heidi raised millions of dollars anyway on this scam – knowing that she’d never be able to get a brothel license because of her felony conviction in California. So it was a “shoe in” that she’d lose the “investment” money and not have to pay any of it back.

So after everyone lost their investment on that sham, and after she lost the dog grooming business she got from a “friend” whose wife then turned around and claimed she’d obtained it through fraud – she still kept bilking investors out of more money internationally for the opening of her brothel, and to take over Joe’s brothels.

Only to be able to get the license – she had to prove to the board she could stay clean (she went to jail for three years not on her madaming charges – but because she had a dirty drug test back in the 1980’s) she then went to film Celebrity Rehab. To film the show, she left behind her house in a complete shambles – leaving the owner with $60,000 in property damage to her house from a “chimney fire” I’m sure the fact she’s admitted to smoking meth had nothing to do with the fire.

After getting high and into an accident on the way home from Celebrity Rehab – Heidi has been arrested more than once on drug charges and not long ago with almost 400 marijuana plants on her property.

Funny thing is that even after she got arrested for the drug charges, bilking investors out of millions, stealing a client’s dog grooming business, and after she got arrested for growing way more pot plants than could possibly be for “personal use” – Heidi then teamed up with Dennis Hof to open the “Alien 51” brothel.

Dennis sided up with Heidi, even getting himself engaged to her at one point, just coincidentally I’m sure when he wanted to open the Area 51 brothel outside of Las Vegas. Being the pimp he is – he got involved with her right as he was buying up other brothels, announcing he was going to open this new Area 51 brothel, and plastering her name and image all over HBO, his newsletter, his website, etc.

I don’t know about you – but I find it interesting that he’s all over the media with his “engagement” to Heidi, and advertising that she’s now managing this Area 51 brothel – but now that he’s on another media campaign to try and expand this brothels outside of Nevada by saying he can “eliminate trafficking” that suddenly this drug addict con artist prostitute is no longer anywhere on his site or newsletter. Couldn’t be that he’s trying to dissociate himself from her now to make himself look more “reputable” could it?

I find this claim quite interesting. I first heard it at the Nevada legislature on February 20, 2013. That was the day that George Flint, the brothel Lobbyist, appeared in front of them trying to get the brothels expanded into Las Vegas. He then told his story that the brothels were “safe” and that they were “clean” and also “eliminated trafficking”. I found this an interesting claim because he’s admitted he’s never been inside a brothel in person to see how they in fact operate.

I also find it interesting because we had a woman there named Aubrey who is also a member of Sex Workers Anonymous. She was there to bring the legislature a letter from us on the things we’d like to see done to help sex trafficking. Then she heard George’s claims to the legislature about what the brothels were like. She then stood up and basically countered each and every one of his points with the truth of her own experience and her own eye witness accounts. I have a videotape of this confrontation if you’d like to view it. I will say that after hearing her story – the Nevada legislature did say no to the idea of expanding the brothels. I also have an interview with Aubrey you can listen to here – what she saw going on inside the brothels.

I would like to add one thing here – there is no other interview that I’m aware of given by Nevada brothel prostitute where someone like Dennis or Joe is not standing right next to them. This interview that Aubrey gave – she gave from the comfort of her home with no brothel owner looking over her shoulder – and she was also clean and sober at the time. I say that because many prostitutes are interviewed inside the brothels while they in fact have a drink in their hand. Now I don’t know about you – but if I was drunk and my boss was standing next to me – I don’t know if I’d tell the complete truth either about what my job was like.

In this interview she describes how her pimp who had been trafficking her since she was 12 years old and realized that if she worked there he couldn’t be prosecuted for trafficking – so they packed up to head to Nevada the day she turned 18 years of age.

In her interview, you’ll hear her describe how almost all of the women there had pimps. How the management knows about the pimps and in fact helps keep control of them. They have a law that won’t allow these women to leave on foot. There are no cabs in the counties where these brothels are. Anyone who has tried to open one has found themselves shut down. When I used to be able to tell women who wanted to escape out of there to just get one of the johns to take them to town and then take the nearest bus to me to get to safety – they got the Greyhound to shut down the bus line that goes from one end of the state to the other.

If you take a look at the map for safe houses – you’ll see that the only shelter for a trafficking victim is in Las Vegas which is 100’s of miles away from any of these brothels. With no bus line to get there, with them not being able to walk out on foot, and by forcing them to live on the premises which means having the car dropped off also – they make sure essentially that these women can’t just pick up and leave these pimps voluntarily without a lot of planning and forethought going into the escape route.

Joe and Dennis are not exceptions. Take a look at David Burgess. He’s another brothel owner. He was also a Hell’s Angel member. Knowing that he had child porn – I had talked to a friend on the force asking if maybe he could be stopped sometime while on a trip. It’s not safe to transmit porn on the internet anymore so it has to be done physically when they are moving large amounts of photos.

Sure enough – he was pulled over out of Wyoming with child porn in an RV. Now I don’t know about you – but am I supposed to believe this brothel owning Hell’s Angel member had the ethics to shoot his child porn at a separate location and with separate victims than he used at the brothel? So it seems to me there’s also a connection between legal brothels and child porn.

When people who work with the anti-trafficking field report that there are many massage parlors, as well as some of the legal brothels here in Nevada, are being “run” by Hell’s Angels, and David just so happens to also be a member of that notorious gang – it doesn’t take a huge jump of faith to think that maybe the child porn was not only connected to the brothel in Nevada, but obviously maybe Wyoming where he was caught and who knows where else since the gang runs prostitutes all over the USA with a visible amount of trafficking down in the strip clubs in Florida.

Or how about a more clear connection between actual trafficking, illegal prostitution, and the Nevada brothels? In 2010, Tham Nguyen and Suong Tran owned a Nevada brothel – and also ran prostitutes illegally in Washington and California AT THE SAME TIME.
This goes back a long time. In 1998, the Old Bridge Ranch brothel was found to be running underage prostitutes here in Nevada to Oregon. So far we’ve found a connection between trafficking, child porn and child prostitution – all tied up with “legal” brothels.

By the way, after Aubrey testified at the Nevada legislature and blocked the brothels’ push to expand into Las Vegas, and told her story about the trafficking she witnessed going on inside the brothels – she came home to find her power, lights, cable, TV, phone, etc., had been turned off. I had warned her this might happen to her if she stood up against them because that’s exactly what happened to me after I gave a press conference about how trafficking and the brothels are intertwined in 2008.

I came home the next day after my press conference to find my car had been completely trashed, and my power, cable, phone, TV, internet, etc. had all been turned off and the lines cut. I went online to see who might possibly have the connections to do such a thing. Interestingly I discovered that Lance Gilman is on the Nevada Governor’s Economic Development Board. He’s also one of the founders of the Nevada Power Company. If you look at the list of companies that he’s on the board of connected to the Economic Development Board – you can find that Lance Gilman is connected with all of them. Now I’m not saying he did anything – I just find it interesting that the two times we go up and win against the Nevada brothels we find all of our services disconnected from companies that he just happens to be on the board for.

After Aubrey got her power back on, she got a call from a woman who said she wanted help to get out of there. Since we are the only program that has been willing to go get these women over the years and get them to safety – she said she’d come get her. So she did. Then she left town for a few days to her ex-husband and let the kids see their daddy. When she came back – she found her whole house cleaned out down to the clothes and light bulbs. She also found her car had been stolen and trashed. As she was going to file a police report – she got hit with the death threat. She changed her number.

Then I got a call from a woman pretending to be a “photojournalist”. She had asked to photograph Aubrey for an international magazine assignment. When I gave her the phone number she then called Aubrey claiming I had been threatening her and tried to convince her not to trust me any longer. An attempt that she just laughed off. Only an hour later she got another death threat that if she did another interview about the brothels that she would find “her throat and her daughter’s throat cut”. That threat was made on a phone number she’d only had for two days – and only this reporter and myself had. So clearly the woman was a “fake” reporter.

I might have been able to write off the fact that all my power and utility lines were cut the day after I gave this press conference about the existence of trafficking in connection with the legal brothels here in Nevada – but then when Aubrey’s is also cut off five years later after she testifies in front of the legislature against the brothels and the same tactics are used to intimidate us – it’s a little hard to ignore that this might be deliberate by someone to show us how powerful they are.

But Lance Gilman, the current owner of the Mustang Ranch and now a Storey County Commissioner is absolutely a businessman above all reproach right? Not according to these people Gonzales claims that not only was he ripped off for over $1.6 million dollars –but that Lance Gilman conspired with other former commissioners and even elected officials to defraud him.

But that kind of influence is something that Lance has widely advertised on his site, and because of his position with the Nevada Economic Board. Mr. Gilman states right on his site “Are you’re looking to expand or consolidate your operations? Establish a new manufacturing plant, warehouse or distribution center? We’re ready to guide your discovery and serve your every need. Building relationships with state and local government? Let us make the introductions. Need in-depth statistical profiles from public agencies? We’ll make the call.”

I’ve learned about how far up this type of corruption can go in Nevada believe me. I’ve tried for years to get the brothel owners to give the women our phone number when they say they’re ready to quit the sex industry. We need to be there to offer them support when they quit so they don’t wind up hanging out with the wrong crowd like happened to Brooke Phillips. She got pregnant and left Dennis’ brothel. But being a prostitute, and not having had a referral to our program where we’d get her away from any “bad influences” – she found herself hanging out with a very rough crowd that led to her and her baby’s murder.

What are we doing about it? Well I moved here in 1996 to be able to physically go and pick these women up because they can’t leave on foot and there’s no transportation that will take them out of the brothels. But then what?

Sharnel Silvey, the ex-madam from the Mustang we had helped, moved up to northern Nevada after she got clean and out of the sex industry. I was living in Las Vegas because I was caring for sick family. We then set up a program in Tonopah, Nevada, through the help of a very caring businessman who owned a local motel, apartment building, casino, thrift store and car lot.

These women would leave the brothels with nothing left and having to leave everything behind in order to get away from the pimps. So we’d get them to the motel for the night. Then Social Service would get them a housing voucher where we’d move them into the apartment. Then this man would hire them to work at one of his businesses – or they’d go onto SSI depending on how messed up they were. He’d allow them to pay him for the car, rent and furniture in weekly payments. So this way we were able to help a lot of women get out of there without us having any operating funds – and also get on their own two feet financially – which was our goal anyway.

But people from the zoning and licensing boards started coming in fining the man for everything from how far off the ground his propane tanks were to the type of smoke alarms he had in the apartments. They even made him replace all the roofs on the apartments which cost him over $30,000. Finally he told me that he just couldn’t take the financial harassment anymore from these people and he was having to sell the businesses.

Then Sharnel got set up on false charges and sentenced to jail for five years on a first offense? After they got Sharnel locked up and this man’s help cut off – they then showed up at my house threatening me about what would happen if I didn’t leave the state. When I refused – they showed up with a police officer, and a couple of men with a truck informing me that I was “leaving Nevada tonight” driving myself or being driven. They had a fake eviction form signed by a Goldfield judge (which isn’t even the county I was living in at the time).

I did leave the area I was in to let thing cool off – but I let them know I wasn’t going to leave Nevada. Which is why I guess our outreach RV had a bomb placed in it and all of our volunteers were being threatened to the point of one man literally having a heart attack over it.

They were angry because I had started fighting Joe back from getting the brothels expanded into California despite his million dollars paid to a PR firm. They were angry because I got him chased out of the country and a few other brothels shut down. They were especially angry that despite doing everything including cutting off the actual Greyhound line to try and make it impossible for these women to leave – I’m still getting calls constantly from women who want help to get out of there like we did for Aubrey – and the women we help don’t go back to the brothels.

I’ve asked nicely to just have the brothel owners give out our number to the prostitutes to call us when they want help to quit. They all refuse. In fact, there’s an episode of Cathouse where Dennis even states that he spends “$1,000’s of dollars recruiting these women and he’s certainly not going to let them get out of there easily by letting Jody Williams have them”. I’m working on getting a copy of that clip for you as we speak.

Because if this man cared anything about trafficking – then why has he (1) refused to offer us any help when we’ve asked him for help to get trafficking victims out of Nevada, (2) refused to give us any help at all to help any trafficking victims anywhere like we’ve asked him to do, and (3) doesn’t give women who are being trafficked there at the brothel our phone number to leave safely to get away from their pimp which means he’s helping them keep these women hostage to them.

Probably for the same reason Dennis is trying real hard to put up a billboard in Oakland, California recently. A city where Kemp Schiffer used to get a lot of the young girls’ he’d recruit. I mean come on – if Dennis wanted to advertise his restaurant as he says then why not closer to the brothel in Nevada? Why not Beverly Hills where there’ a lot of wealthy men? Why Oakland of all places? Why the restaurant?

Because the restaurant is a way to get women to be lured into working there and not the brothel. Because Oakland is a huge source of underage, and young, prostitutes who could staff his brothels where they need a rapid turnover to keep the clients interested. If Dennis wanted adult, of age, beautiful intelligent escorts to work at his brothels – why not advertise in the valley where most of the world’s porn is produced or even Las Vegas where some of the most beautiful strippers in the world work?

But Oakland is a prime source of one thing that I’m sure law enforcement will confirm – young prostitutes looking for a way to make more money. Now that’s a commodity that Joe might want bad enough to threaten them with a lawsuit to get a billboard in there over any other place in the country. Especially now that Kemp Schiffer’s “recruitment” from Oakland has been finally shut down.

Have you may have asked yourself why he’d want to be in Arizona so badly that he’s offering you $500,000? Well for one thing – they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to expand the brothels into Las Vegas. So much so that the past Mayor Oscar Goodman was even quoted as saying they could build some of the world’s most “magnificent brothels”.…

That quote by the way is taken from an article written by Bob Herbert of the NY Times. He wrote an article about us and our position that trafficking is at it’s worst here in Nevada because of the legal brothels after flying out here to interview me, some of our group’s members, and then verifying for himself what I had said that the “trafficking was so bad you could throw a rock and hit a trafficking victim in Las Vegas” because of the brothels.

So what he did was verify it for himself after he left our interview. He walked into a random strip club. Within 15 minutes he had found a woman who said she didn’t want to be there and wanted to go home. He then actually verified this was also real by taking her to the airport and seeing her back to her family himself and then writing about it.

Rather than Nevada being alarmed that this problem was so prevalent – then Mayor Oscar Goodman responded by threatening Bob with a “baseball bat to the head” so seriously that the DA even investigated the case for possible prosecution. Goodman also went on further to state that anyone who even “read the report on Trafficking in Nevada” that Melissa Farley and I had just prepared on what was going on in Nevada with respect to the local brothels would be fired.

So when Dennis states to you and the public that he believes his brothels will “eliminate trafficking” I’d like to know what he’s basing that statement on. I mean even Amsterdam has recognized the connection between legal brothels and trafficking so much they have shut down what was once a huge tourist attraction for them because of not only the sex trafficking that it attracted – but also the other crimes as well such as drugs, theft, money laundering, rape, etc.

Even Australia has the same problem where it has legal brothels. Where the legal brothels are – trafficking is even higher than in other areas. In fact, anywhere you have legalized sex work of any kind, especially the brothels – you will find a huge jump in all kinds of crime besides just sex work. You’ll also find money laundering, drugs, the black market for organs (when they get tired of a prostitute instead of just killing her they make up to $25,000 for selling the body parts), theft, fraud, and all kinds of other related crimes.

Take a look at how it all works and you’ll see why. First of all, honest, ethical men of good character who care about their fellowman and community don’t own and operate brothels. Just take the history of what Nevada brothels owners have showed you these men are from history – as well as potentially by looking at how hard Heidi Fleiss tried to get a brothel license when Joe lost his because of his crimes. Am I saying that all brothel owners are criminals? No. I’ve met some really nice ones actually. But statistically the bad ones far outweigh the good ones.

When news of a legal brothel opens the prostitutes, and even the pimps, come flocking to work there. They love the idea of not being arrested – especially the pimps. To a pimp a legal brothel is like “prostitute day care” for them. They can drop off their women and go home and kick back with their money and not worry about going to jail. Which means you also protect the pimps from prosecution with these brothels.

But to get a prostitute license – you have to first of all pass a health check. You also have to pass a criminal background check. Look at this recent case of the woman who supposedly killed a wealthy client aboard his yacht. She was tied up to a possible murder in another state before this one.

Which means the minute you give out the press release that a legal brothel has just opened – that city is going to be flooded with prostitutes, and their pimps, from all over this country. Then the woman has to pass the licensing tests. While she’s waiting to get her license, and probably even to raise the money for her license – how is she going to pay her rent? Do you think she’s not going to prostitute simply because she’s not licensed? Most likely not. So while she’s waiting on the license she’s out seeking clients illegally.

Then what happens if she can’t pass the test? Or what happens if she does get licensed but then gets arrested or comes down with something like HIV? Sure the brothel kicks her out, which removes them from legal liability, but what about her? She still has rent due and mouths to feed and possibly a drug habit.

Which is why the drug dealers move in to area. They know where there’s prostitutes and johns there’s going to be parties. So the drug dealers move into the area also to meet the extra demand that’s been created.

Now what happens with the pimps and the drug dealers while the prostitutes are out “working”? Do you think they stay home and watch TV? Not at all. Especially not with the new way that many of these traffickers are getting the prostitutes to pump the johns for information like where they work, are they married, where do they bank, etc. Sometimes they even have their credit cards on them. It takes two seconds to scan a card number and maybe five seconds to hack into their bank account these days. Listen to an interview I have with a man who met a woman at a licensed massage parlor – and how they tried to steal $50,000 out of his bank account. When he threatened to report it to the police – they threatened to get him fired from his government job and to ruin his marriage. I have the email on file to show how easily they threatened him. Almost like a form letter it was so common.

What do you do when most trafficking victims use a cab? They use a cab because they usually don’t have ID on them and they’re either taking, or being forced to take, drugs and/or alcohol to cope with what they’re doing and to make them compliant. For years I used to get many referrals from cab drivers from victims who would ask them for help. When these traffickers figured out we were getting these women help from the cab drivers – they got angry.

Then they did something about it. Our referrals from cab drivers dried up overnight. I wondered why until I was told by one of the men who used to give me the most referrals that he couldn’t do it anymore.…/…/breaking-news-fbi-raids-cls-limo They couldn’t give us anymore referrals because the traffickers had now basically taken over ownership of the cab company. Anyone who was caught taking any of these women to help – would be immediately fired.

When a pimp wants a woman to “disappear” they don’t just murder them anymore either. Not when they can get up to $25,000 for body parts. Another ring I helped break down here in Las Vegas was luring women in from other countries to film movies and to work at the local clubs. They were then recruited by a notorious international pimp. Anyone who didn’t agree to go along with prostitution, or that they got worried was about to snitch on them or run – would “disappear”. When I told the man who was selling the machines needed to do these organ transplants that I knew what was going on – they had shut down the operation and relocated everyone to California in less than 24 hours.

So when Oscar Goodman kept pitching us Nevada residents on how great the brothels would be if let to expand into Las Vegas by talking to us about increased sale tax, and the money it would bring into the area – I pointed out that just by opening a brothel one would have to open up a drop-in crisis center to greet those who would arrive in Vegas thinking they could get the prostitute license but couldn’t. Which means a whole importing of criminals into the area.

Do you remember what happened to Florida when Castro shipped all of the criminals from their country into Florida? We had the whole cocaine crime wave of the 1980’s is what happened. You put out a “open house” sign in Phoenix and you will have criminals from all over this country on your doorstep who would want to work in a brothel in Phoenix which is a huge city compared to the rural nowhere that the Nevada brothels are currently confined to.

Because that’s what’s happening right now in Reno and Carson City. If you speak to the police up there about the prostitution in the area – they will tell you that these women come into Nevada thinking they’re going to get a license to work at the brothels. When they fail, or during the time they’re waiting to get the license, they’re working on the streets and hotels out of northern Nevada. Many of them are underage and just waiting until the day they turn 18 so they can apply for the license. If the brothels eliminated the problem of trafficking – then tell me why this is going on right now up right next to them?

Are you hearing about it? Of course not. Because these brothel owners don’t want you to hear about it. Take a look at the resources listed on the Nevada Attorney General’s page.

If you call the National Trafficking Hotline – they give you phone numbers to call. They do not physically come and get you and take you to safety, nor anywhere for that matter. The only number they will give you for Nevada if you call them is to the shelter at the Salvation Army in Las Vegas which is 800 miles from the brothels. If you can’t walk out of the brothels on foot, and there’s no cabs, and no buses, and the Salvation Army can’t help you unless you’re in Las Vegas – well you’re just scared. The police won’t come and take you anywhere to shelter unless there’s been a crime you can report. So unless you’re beaten up – there’s nothing a police officer can do for a victim of trafficking inside the brothels.

The US Dept. of Justice – only takes reports on trafficking. They won’t prosecute someone for trafficking you if you’re in a legal brothel. They do not send anyone to come get you off the streets and into a shelter of any kind.

Shared Hope International – if you call them as a victim of domestic trafficking in the USA they will tell you that they do not provide any “direct services” to victims here in the states.

Hopelink is like calling 211 for help. They give you the number to shelters, food banks, and places where you can get grants to help you move into an apartment or pay for your electric bill. They do nothing to help trafficking victims get out of the brothels and to safety.

Nevada Partership for Homeless Youth – passes out food cards and gift cards to homeless teens. You have to be over 18 to work at a Nevada brothel. You also have to go down to Las Vegas – which is 800 miles from most brothels. Then they might offer you the use of their computer and a shower. Big whoop.

Salvation Army will refer any victim of trafficking to a local domestic violence shelter. They have no specific program for prostitutes. Especially after 2006 when they told me they would no longer be allowing us to have Sex Workers Anonymous meetings in their shelter for their clients. But to get any services from them – you still have to get from where you are to them – again 100’s of miles away. Since usually the pimp takes the car so she can’t go anywhere without him – how is she going to get there?

Shade Tree is a homeless shelter for women. Nothing more or less. Most of the time they don’t even have beds. They also provide no transportation.

You can also find a five page spread in the RJ about sex trafficking in Nevada. Only you won’t find one word about our program? Why? Well I’ve been told by a writer there to my face that I’m “blacklisted” and that “hell would freeze over before they’d print a story about our work no matter how many Nevada victims I showed them we had saved”. If you follow up on every program that is listed in this article by Tom – you’ll find that none of these programs actually exist or they just recently shut down.

So why refuse to write about us, and then write about programs that either don’t exist or that just shut down to help trafficking victims? Our program has been here in Nevada helping prostitutes, strippers, and trafficking victims since 1996. Yet I challenge you to find one word about us in any Nevada paper other than the international press conference we had to call in order to release the fact that sex trafficking was higher here in Nevada than anywhere else in this country. The reason is because the Nevada papers and news report to me they can’t take the hit on the ad dollars if they were to write about us. Also, by making as sure as they can that no victim comes forward to file a case for trafficking against anyone while they were in the brothels so it appears that there is no trafficking in connection with the brothels – they don’t list our phone number for victims to find real help and only list programs that don’t provide direct services to victims so that it appears none exist.

In order to get out any news about what’s going on here in Nevada – we had to call in the international press. Here we released the findings of Melissa Farley’s report on this issue commissioned by the state department.

Because the international press was there – they had no choice but to print our names and information at this conference. However, when we released the report so that people who work with this issue in Nevada could see how bad the problem is, and how it’s worse here than anywhere else in this whole country that’s available here – Oscar Goodman threatened Bob Herbert who wrote about us and our work with a “baseball bat to the head”, and he threatened all of Metro officers with being fired if they either “read the report” or even “looked at it”. He then told everyone in the Las Vegas juvenile probation and parole department, family services court, and social services for juveniles – that if they “even spoke to Jody Williams” or “read that report” they would “be fired on the spot”.

A threat he kept at the time. There was more than one social worker, child protective services worker, probation officer, etc. that did in fact try and refer a child victim of trafficking to us for help. They were promptly fired. This was because as he said – he had intentions of building one of those “magnificient brothels” for a long time and didn’t want anything coming out of my mouth interfering.

Which is one of the reasons why the Review Journal told me that “hell would freeze over” before a story on me or our program would ever appear in their magazine. Another reason why the Review Journal, City Life, and Las Vegas Weekly have each told me they can’t even take ad money from us is because it would “piss off their major advertisers” who let’s face it – do drop a lot of money every week on advertising.

So yes the sex industry does pump a lot of money into the advertising and printing business – but what about what it takes away or is cost to the area? Do you know how I finally got the past Mayor to give up on the idea of a brothel in downtown Las Vegas and instead got them to go with putting in the Mob Museum instead?

Everyone kept harping on “how much money” supposedly brothels would bring into the local economy. However, I’d been working in advertising for trade shows for years at the time this was being kicked around. Every time I’d call someone from Las Vegas – they’d just balk and refuse to even speak to me. When I’d get them to tell me why they’d say they wanted “nothing to do with anything to do with Las Vegas”. When I’d ask why – they would state very clearly it was because of the whole environment – but especially the fact the brothels existed here.

So I set out to find out how much money was being cost to the state by having the brothels here exactly. I started calling up trade shows and conventions that had very large shows – but wouldn’t have them here in Las Vegas. I added up the revenues in airfares, hotels, conference rooms, restaurants, labor, etc. When I hit $10 million dollars a year that was being lost in revenues from people who even signed letters stating that they would “never” have any of their events in Las Vegas because of the proximity of the brothels – I put this packet together and showed it to the Governor and the City and County councils.

I was still being ignored until President Obama made his comment about anyone holding any “serious” business meetings would not be doing so in Las Vegas because of the nature of this town. I then got letters from the wives of these major corporations who also wrote letters that they wouldn’t let their husbands even come to this town because of the proximity to the brothels – and the money this was costing Nevada. Which actually then leaked to his wife, Carolyn Goodman, who promptly informed Oscar that he’d be “sleeping on the couch” if he continued to play with this idea of brothels in downtown Las Vegas.

That was when they decided to go ahead and build the Mob Musuem and also put in an arts district. Now that Carolyn is Mayor – she’s concentrating on building up the schools, she’s put together an anti-trafficking task force, and she’s also building up other economic areas for Nevada quite successfully other than the sex industry.

Because the sex industry money is deceptive. For every dollar it appears to bring in – it costs $3.00 out the back door. I also did a study of the prostitutes here in Nevada about what happens when they get too sick to work, or they get arrested, or they become disabled or even just older and can’t work in the industry any longer. Almost all of them wind up on public aid – welfare, SSI, Medicaid, etc. They also usually have at least two children. Children who wind up either on assistance – or even in the foster care system if they get arrested or if they get too sick to work. Being sick, out of work, not even being able to prostitute – leads one to more violent crimes, drugs, and of course things that wind up having your kids taken away.

Then there’s even the related violent crimes like Vegas has seen This pimp ran someone over in his car and hit another person. In that same week there was another violent crime by a pimp. Cops here in Vegas have told the media that there’s literally “1,000’s of pimps” here in Las Vegas and many of them are here because their prostitutes can be put to work in legal establishments and then they won’t be prosecuted for their crimes.

Which means you would also be helping them to get away with their crimes by allowing your town to host legalized prostitution for even one week as Dennis is offering. That $500,000 is nothing compared to the potential deaths that would be possible if you allow this to be tolerated for even one minute – let alone a week.

His assertion that having “legalized prostitution” there to solve the trafficking problem has no evidence. It’s worse in every place where it is legal – from Amsterdam, to Australia, to Nevada itself. California sees the problem up close and they voted no. Nevada has seen the effects of this industry and they’ve been saying no to expansion of the brothels since the 1980’s .

I’ve tried repeatedly to get the cooperation of these “legal” brothels to help truly fight trafficking. I’ve gone to them and I’ve gone to the Nevada legislature and the Nevada Attorney General. I’ve told them of ideas I have that would truly impact trafficking that’s connected with the legal sex industry here ranging from having the women applying for brothel prostitute, escort, outcall, and massage parlors take an orientation class before getting their license that will teach the about self-defense, sex trafficking, disease prevention, domestic violence, and put them through a counseling session where they are asked if they had another choice economically would they still be applying for this license?

Their money would also be investigated to prove it’s coming to them and not to a pimp in fact. They also need to be fully informed about what the laws are regarding prostitution – and receive the warning that they may have trouble obtaining work in the future if they get these licenses because of background checks future employers may use to screen them for future jobs once they decide to quit sex work.

Then after making sure they are making this decision of their own free will, and have them pass a drug test, and a background check to make sure they aren’t being pimped – they would be given the number to the National Trafficking Hotline as well as our Hotline if they need help where they don’t want to involve law enforcement. After obtaining their license – I’ve asked that our number and the National Trafficking Hotline number be prominently posted in the dressing room or bedroom of any sex worker so they know where they can call for help if they get in over their head. Nevada has already made sure to control the media so I can’t even buy advertising in this state – so I can’t compete with the billboards that Polaris has put up for their hotline. But most of these women aren’t going to see those billboards either as they’re kept usually very sheltered.

When I tried to get Dennis Hof to agree to the above without having to try to force it to happen anyway through the legislature and changing the licensing laws – he just balks and tells me also to my face that he “spends $1,000’s of dollars to find and recruit these women” and he’s not going to endanger that by voluntarily giving out our number to anyone.

Even the casinos list the number for Gamblers Anonymous – but then again I don’t know of any gamblers that are being forced to gamble. The sex industry however is another world – and one full of pimps. Therefore, extra precautions need to be taken. Dennis has already refused to take any steps with me to address trafficking in his existing brothels – and now he’s asking you to believe he suddenly cares about trafficking victims?

Baloney. Don’t be this man’s sucker.

I appreciate you listening to my side of this issue. Thank you for your time.


Jody Williams


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