INVITATION: Pimp ‘Daddy’ Dennis Hof Thinks He Can Pull a Fast One on Jimmy Carter and Crew

EDITORIAL: How many 16 year olds will you recruit for this one, Dennis? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Only the well controlled would be in attendance if this tour ever were to take place. Take a look at Bada Bing and Bada Boom, two other posts about the men Dennis Hof is friends with and does business with. Michael Whiteacre’s wife works at the Bunny Ranch regularly. He is one of Porn Valley’s most violent stalkers. Randazza has been harassing many people, myself included, by filing illegal lawsuits and serving illegal subpoenas. Click for more on Michael Whiteacre and Marc Randazza. They are the sex industry’s paid thugs.

Back to the tour of the Bunny Ranch. I can save you all the trip. I worked there, I got the T-Shirt and that’s about all I was able to leave with when I was outed by one of Madam Suzette’s spies for trying to get away. Dennis is real good at putting on a show but the truth is, there is no such thing as a pimp who doesn’t exploit women and the system meant to protect them. Pimps profit from every woman they can scam, while the women lose everything, including their souls.

Dennis is no different (ask him why he doesn’t push to have male and transgender prostitutes in his brothels, if it’s such a safe and empowering career choice. He only wants to diddle young girls, that’s why). Mainstream media coverage and HBO’s cable show ‘Cathouse’ have given him the ability to recruit teen girls because they’ve made him appear to be a celebrity. The reality is, Dennis Hof is no different than your average street pimp. Only difference is his celebrity status, just like Playboy’s Hugh Hefner, which was given by our media and entertainment executives, no doubt in exchange for free sex with the girls. The girls get a $300 flat fee for sex with his friends, no matter how much time they want or what they want to do. There is no saying no. Girls are traded for favors amongst these guys, like when they were boys trading baseball or pokeman cards.

I worked at the Bunny Ranch brothel in 2009. I’m actually on one of the ‘Cathouse’ episodes. The night I arrived, Oprah Winfrey’s crew was there filming a pro-prostitution piece for her talk show. They all have made Dennis Hof seem real cool and legit, just like they make being a prostitute seem glamorous and profitable for the girls. Both are anything but what has been shown. The pimps are the only ones who get rich in this scheme that comes straight from the depths of Hell!

Dennis Hof recruits underage girls to his brothel with promises of fun, fame and fortune. Once they turn 18, he brings them to the brothel ON THEIR BIRTHDAY where they are forced to have sex with him while calling him ‘Daddy’. Two showed up at the same time I got there. I saw the proof, they had just turned 18 and they said they’d been talking to him since they were 15-16 years old. All the young girls that go there ARE FORCED to have sex with Dennis as soon as they’re there. They must call him ‘Daddy’ and Madame Suzette ‘Mommy’. She helps him keep the girls in line and having sex with him on demand. She uses her power as the house madam to intimidate and punish anyone who doesn’t comply with enthusiasm to whatever they want. Those girls can’t say a word against Dennis or their working conditions. They’d be out on the street with nothing, gaslighted by paid industry stalkers and personally destroyed. 

Dennis Hof has extremely close ties to the Los Angeles porn industry and the hired stalkers who work to destroy anyone who speaks out against these pimps, pornographers and predators. They work together to pimp girls all over the world. They all recruit young, naive girls and then hold them there in debt bondage. They send them to KINK porn production company where they are raped and tortured until they are broken. Then they are psychologically rebuilt to perform on demand as an industry sex slave.

Girls working in those Nevada ‘legal’ brothels are forced to work 12 hours, 6 days a week. They must go to the door dressed and ready for sex each and every time the doorbell rings. They must stand and poise to be looked over like merchandise by every single man who enters. They must entertain every single man who comes in there until that person rents a girl or leaves. They must push drinks in an effort to get johns drunk so they can get more money from them. The cashiers verify card balances and will hit cards before and after midnight to double charge johns. The girls get no pay (ZERO DOLLARS) for all the work they do selling and promoting for the brothel or for having sex with Dennis. They get nothing for advertising the brothel and flirting on their forum but it is required unless they are having sex.

Does any of this sound like being an independent contractor empowered in their own career? No. It sounds like being owned by a pimp who doesn’t beat you because he knows it leaves marks but he sure does a ton of psychological damage to a whole lot of teen girls who think they’re going to Hollywood. The girls split everything made 50/50 with the pimp and then they pay all expenses. Clothing, toiletries, housekeeping, room rent, food, travel, everything comes out of their 50%. Dennis gets 100% of the pay (including all gifts of money or the value of all non-monetary gifts). He then deducts his 50% and then takes out the expenses he says is due . Any remainder goes to the girls, if there is any. Girls cannot leave the brothel unless their ‘debt roll’ is paid in full. Dennis has a whole storage room full of stuff left by girls who ran off in the night to get away from him!

While a girl is working in their brothel, the pimp has total control of what she does, where she goes, who she is with. Dennis decides how many men she has to have sex with (or how much money she has to make) before she can stop having sex for the day/night. She is never allowed to date anyone she meets at the brothel unless the pimp is paid for her time (never, ever, even if they fell in love). She is his property while working there. She follows the rules or the house madam takes over. Dennis also decides if a girl  will travel with him and whoever he picks, he charges her for all her expenses while he pays NOTHING to sleep with her during the entire trip. She is not allowed to say ‘NO” or she might get left wherever he feels like leaving her!

The list goes on and on. The Nordic model is the only model that works. Many countries similar to ours have already tried full legalization and every single one has declared it a huge failure, both in stopping crime associated with prostitution and in empowering sex workers who choose prostitution as their means to make money. Dennis knows this as well as Donald Fox, the UK pimp who claims to have written Amnesty International’s pro-pimp proposal.

Pimping is a crime and pimps are criminals who make money enslaving our daughters in international sex slavery.

Johns are narcissistic misogynists who are willing to pay a price to enact their own sexual fantasies, many of which are violent and degrading, on complete strangers, for their own sexual self-gratification.

Pimps and Johns are a match made in Hell and neither one cares if they destroy the girls in their pursuit to get what they want!!


America’s most famous brothel owner Denis Hof has invited Jimmy Carter, Lena Dunham and a host of other anti-prostitution celebrities to tour his brothels and hear the case for decriminalizing sex work.

On Aug. 11, Amnesty International sparked an intense debate after calling for the decriminalization of prostitution. The world-renowned human rights organization came to the conclusion that decriminalizing sex work was the best policy to keep prostitutes safe from both disease and violence.

The recommendation elicited a furious response letter signed by leading celebrities including Kate Winslet, Lena Dunham, and Anne Hathaway. “What your ‘Draft Policy on Sex Work’ is incomprehensibly proposing is the wholesale decriminalization of the sex industry, which in effect legalizes pimping, brothel owning and sex buying,” the letter said.

Instead of decriminalizing prostitution the celebs recommended the Swedish model, which makes it legal to sell sex but illegal to buy. Denis Hof, who owns four brothels in Nevada told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Lena Dunham & Co are “ignorant and naive” about the realities of legal prostitution.

“I can’t promise that I will change their personal opinion of my business, but I can tell you that there is no way they can come here and not leave with the enlightened view that decriminalizing prostitution is the safest way to eliminate the crime and health risk that comes with keeping the sex trade illegal,” he said in a statement.

Hof purchased his first brothel in 1992 and has given talks across the world including at Oxford University and Trinity College Dublin on decriminalizing prostitution. His business was the focus of the HBO series “Cathouse.”

Hof sides with Amnesty international, saying there is no chance of illegal prostitution going away anytime soon and that criminalization has led to sex trafficking reaching “epidemic proportions.” His invitation is intended to show people what the reality of the legal sex trade looks like. “How are we gonna have it,” asks Hof.

“The legal prostitutes that work in my brothels are licensed and medically cleared of any diseases. The only people who aren’t invited to my party are the pimps and underage girls. They can’t meet the qualifications for licensing.”

Hof likens the effort for the decriminalization of sex work to marijuana reform, where money can be channeled into safe and regulated businesses instead funding criminals to expand their trade and buy arms. “Where it’s illegal in Las Vegas it’s totally out of hand,” Hof told TheDCNF.

There are around 3,000 active pimps working in Las Vegas. Hof says Vegas is plagued with underage girls trafficked into the sex industry and pimps engaging in shootouts.

Hof hopes his invitation to the celebrities will be warmly received so many of the myths surrounding prostitution can be dispelled. The popular image of prostitution is typically of an exploited woman with a drug problem.

But at the Bunny Ranch it’s a different story. “In the legal world it’s a job choice like any other. Sixty percent of the women here have a better education than I do.”

“Twenty-eight percent of them have a Master’s degree,” says Hof. One woman working at the Bunny Ranch is six months away from gaining her Ph.D. while another is a professor who works summers at the ranch for extra cash. The true exploitation, according to Hof, happens in the black market.

“In the illegal world it’s girls from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who get exploited.” Hof added “If you keep it illegal you perpetuate a criminal activity.”

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