Pimp Daddy Dennis Hof Eyes Senate Seat – His Party Wants to Legalize Pedophilia and Prostitution

EDITORIAL: I hate to say it but Dennis Hof could run, maybe even possibly win. Honestly, since reading this, I’ve started praying that God will see fit to strike him dead on the spot, soon, sooner, like now. I’ve seen his notoriety firsthand. It’s Nevada that gets to decide this one and Dennis Hof is considered a celebrity instead of the criminal pimp he really is. Very scary thought.

Scary, considering this pervy old pimp daddy likes his girls YOUNG and has affiliated himself with the Libertarian party in Nevada. Alexander Mayers aka Monica Foster has done extensive coverage of the Nevada Libertarian party’s direct connection to and support of pedophiles, pimps and pornographers in their party (not to mention their paid stalkers who threaten anyone who speaks out against them). Dennis Hof also has extensive ties to the Los Angeles porn industry. Ya know, the industry that makes like 9 billion a year from selling the rape and torture of our daughters to the world as entertainment? He definitely has a mega bankroll backing him to run. FOLKS, THIS IS A CONCENTRATED MOVE TO LEGALIZE THE PIMPING OF YOUR CHILDREN!

Dennis himself recruits underage teen girls to work at his brothels when they turn 18. When I got there in March 2009, two birthday girls showed up to work for him FOR THEIR 18TH BIRTHDAY. He began promising these girls the moon when they were just 16 years old but they learned real quick once they got to the Bunny Ranch, they weren’t going to be any celebrity. Instead, they had to sexually service Dennis while they called him Daddy FOR NOTHING whenever he wanted. Could this be the reason Dennis is estranged from HIS OWN teenage daughters? Obviously, he can’t be trusted around anyone’s daughters!

MEN: The cashier is REQUIRED to run your credit card limit so they can tell the girls how much to go after you for. The cashiers will charge your card before and after midnight to double max out your credit cards. If you get drunk or fall asleep, your credit card is gone!

We met a potential john in Manhattan while there to be on the Howard Stern show. Dennis Hof lied about the contest he set us up for and tried to pimp us to the winner. Luckily he was a great husband and father and only entered the contest so his daughters could meet Howard Stern. Dennis was furious when he found out we didn’t do anything except talk about what was really going on that day. Dennis Hof tried to set us up.

Another young lady had sex with the rich john in our hotel room before dinner. Thankfully, the hotel gave us another room, YUCK! Dennis wanted this john to hire the younger girls. He ended up being very interested in me instead (for the variety, I’d guess). Got his name, face, phone number. Dennis Hof pimps girls outside of his Nevada brothel system. THAT VIOLATES THE MANN ACT, RICO AND TVPA.

Those girls ARE NOT independent contractors. They are REQUIRED to work six 12 hour days every week. They must give notice to take even 1 day off and 1 day off is all that’s allowed or you lose your room which puts you through moving every week. Madam Suzette uses the room assignments and other things under her control to punish and threaten those who won’t conform. Those girls are REQUIRED to be at that front door every single time someone comes through, checked out like pieces of merchandise, unless they have a client in their room or have made enough money AND gotten PERMISSION to go off the floor.

Those girls are REQUIRED to hit on every man that comes in until he buys sex with one or leaves. They are REQUIRED to charge a ‘house minimum’ determined by Dennis Hof, based on the time and acts rented. They are REQUIRED to advertise themselves on the bunny ranch forum while working. Johns are then stolen from girls Madam Suzette doesn’t like and given to her hooker recruiters to boost their incomes instead.

Dennis comps his friends all the time whereby the girls get $300 and Dennis gets anything else the john friend may give. If the girl gets a gift, she must pay Dennis 50% of it’s cash value (his estimate) or give him the gift. All money is paid to the house and Dennis decides what is then paid to the girls. Everything the girls do while there costs them and is added to their tab.

If one of those girls wants to leave, she has to pay in full whatever Dennis says is owed on a tab he keeps. If they don’t or can’t, their stuff is held hostage and they’re told they can’t leave until paid in full. Girls have snuck out in the middle of the night with nothing, just to get away. THIS IS CALLED DEBT BONDAGE. THESE ALL VIOLATES LABOR LAWS, BROTHEL REGULATIONS AND SEX TRAFFICKING LAWS.

NEVADA: This dirty old ‘daddy’ pimp is after your daughters. He wants them all and the younger, the better. HBO and their show ‘Cathouse’ is nothing more than a means to normalize the sex trafficking and pimping of your daughters throughout his brothel system. I worked there, I was on the show. I saw it as well as experienced it all. These so-called ’empowered sex workers’ are in most cases, victims who have no means to leave!

VOTERS: Dennis Hof is a corrupt, criminal, perverted old pimp. Nothing more. Is that who you want to represent you in Nevada? If so, plan to start handing over your children!

Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof considers US Senate run

Tuesday, 7 Jul 2015 | 5:41 PM ET 
dennishof-senateHe thinks he’s as powerful as Satan but he’s really just a pimp!

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Dennis Hof, at his Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nev.


Dennis Hof, owner of the Bunny Ranch chain of brothels in Nevada, wants to go to Washington.

The business owner and star of the HBO series “Cathouse” said he has formed an exploratory committee to run for the U.S. Senate seat held by the powerful Democrat Harry Reid. The senator said he is retiring and will not seek re-election in 2016. Hof recently joined the Libertarian Party and said he would run as one if he commits to a run.

“It’s time to get someone in Washington that understands what Nevada is all about,” said Hof, who added that his run is “pretty likely.”


Funding a senatorial campaign isn’t cheap—and it won’t be any easier by Hof’s pledge that he doesn’t plan to take any money from special interest groups—but he says he has a bankroll that’s big enough to run the race.

“I’ve got 99 problems—but neither money nor women are one,” he said.

Hof’s decision to run, he said, was spurred by a state tax increase that was approved by the state Legislature last month. The hike, the largest ever in the state’s history, will raise up to $1.1 billion in new and extended taxes.

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“I felt like it was time for a businessman to get into politics,” he said. “Out of all the people who voted for this horrendous tax, only four have ever run a payroll.”

Of course, there’s another business executive seeking federal office in 2016 who has taken his share of lumps in the national media. But Hof said despite all the bad press that Donald Trump has attracted in his short presidential campaign, he thinks there’s something people are overlooking right now—and it’s something that works to his advantage, as well.

“As much flak as Donald Trump is getting, he’s a businessman. He gets it,” he said. “We’re the ones who have to make sure our businesses are running properly. … If Nevada and the federal government ran their businesses like the Bunny Ranch and Donald Trump[‘s organization], they’d be a lot better off.”

Hof also said that he would focus on states’ rights and sex trafficking if elected.

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There are currently nine Bunny Ranch brothels in Nevada, and Hof also owns a strip club in the state. Thanks in large part to the HBO series that spotlighted the brothels and the people who work there, Hof has a level of celebrity, much like Trump. But some might argue that notoriety could work against him, as well.

Hof disagreed.

Each brothel, he said, hosts between 50 and 100 clients per day. Several of those customers, he said, have already told him they’d be willing to contribute to his campaign. And by utilizing the girls who work at the Bunny Ranch (and their extensive social media reach), that could be a bonus for the campaign.

“We think we can do well to get people’s attention,” he said. “The girls have influence with a lot of people…. They’re taxpayers. They get it. They’re independent businesswomen, and they get what Nevada needs.”

Next up for Hof is a trip to Las Vegas, where he’ll meet with Libertarian Party officials. (He said he doesn’t intend to run unless he has the party’s full support.) The search is already on for a campaign manager.

Right now, his exploratory committee consists of his lawyers, his CPA, his CFO and Bunny Ranch Manager Madam Suzette, a 23-year veteran of the brothels and Hof’s heir apparent, who would take over if he’s elected.

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