Let’s Get One Fact Straight Right Now, Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette are Sex Traffickers!

EDITORIAL: I went off on @Twitter today after seeing the following video. I want to make this perfectly clear. Dennis Hof IS a sex trafficker. He and Madam Suzette use fraud, force, coercion and debt bondage to keep the girls there. There is definitely illegal activities happening out of the Bunny Ranch. Below is what I tweeted in response to Dennis trying to say he’s anti-sex trafficking and that his brand of legalizing prostitution will help eliminate sex trafficking.

Sweden and Australia already tried legalizing prostitution and it didn’t work. Crime and sex trafficking increased dramatically. Countries who are serious about fighting sex trafficking have made pimping and purchasing sex illegal and decriminalized prostitution. Fighting the Demand is part of the Nordic model!

Fox News should have done their homework before helping promote these criminals. What’s up with the word “alleged” when introducing Heidi Fleiss? She was a pimp (madam is too nice a word for these women). There’s nothing alleged about any of that.

Mainstream media is playing this propaganda everywhere.








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