Dennis Hof has Lost His Mind – Goes to Show what Greed & Vanity can do to a Person

EDITORIAL: Selling his soul to satan for sex and money sure didn’t help him either!

Monica Foster June 13, 2014 on Porn News Today


Read what Diana fka Desi Foxx has to say about this too by clicking here. Briefly she was employed by Dennis Hof and she’s far more livid than even I am. 

Alexandra Mayers fka Monica Foster commentary:

I don’t like having to write a commentary about this, because I don’t like even touching the issue of the Nevada legal brothels.  I wanted for a VERY long time to view them as a legitimate, legal, safe and ethical enterprise…however as of late more and more of the truth of what’s going on with the brothels & Dennis Hof is presenting itself.

I guess I’ll just write this as an open letter directly to Dennis Hof:

Dennis, as of today I believe that you’ve been overtaken by greed and vanity.  If you don’t STOP right now you’re going to lose everything.

The “Bunny Ranch” brand is not akin to “Playboy”.  I know that you WANT IT to be (due to what you and I both know is the reality of “Playboy” and Hugh Hefner himself), but unfortunately realistically IT IS NOT.  Furthermore, the world does not need it to be, so your attempts to make it so will not be tolerated.

Dennis Hof trying to encourage the exposure of kids to the Bunny Ranch brand.

Though both you and Hugh Hefner came up around the same time, you took different paths. Hefner consistently pushed his enterprises into a mainstream forum and he worked quite diligently to CONCEAL the reality of what he’s been up to, where as you decided to be brazenly out in the open as to what you’ve been selling.

I’m not saying Hefner is any better than you are (from my perspective he’s actually worse), however, he’s created the ILLUSION that it’s socially acceptable for young girls to grow up and become a Playboy Playmate.  Hefner has actually managed to manifest a BOUNDARY that illustrates where a woman should STOP when it comes to going into adult entertainment and then being able to leave with a shred of dignity. Of course Hefner has also created an entry point which is a slippery slope (of which few women can stop at once they reach it), but still – he’s done something you have not Dennis.

YOUNG WOMEN DO NOT NEED TO ASPIRE TO WORK AT THE BUNNY RANCH DENNIS and you KNOW IT. NO YOUNG WOMEN need to view being a LEGAL PROSTITUTE as what they want to be when they grow up.  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING DENNIS attempting to mainstream the IDEA of FUCKING FOR MONEY? Are you even thinking? I sure hope not, because if you are, I believe your ventures may need to be SHUT DOWN ENTIRELY.


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