PIMP Dennis Hof Threatens to Sue City of Oakland – You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig but It is STILL a Pig

EDITORIAL: Needless to say, Dennis, you can slap ‘Family’ on anything but that don’t make it a Family Establishment. I think you need to have your head checked if you think this ‘PIG” will fly. I know you’re what . . like 75 now? Senility is known to set in. Schedule your appointment today!


What Dennis Hof is attempting to do here is to indoctrinate children from an early age to accept being pimped out by some nasty old PIMP as a fun and exciting career choice to aspire for. ANY PARENT who would take their children to ANYPLACE promoting sex work as a real job should lose their children. To promote sex work to your children as acceptable is basically handing them over to PIMPS and MADAMS to be pimped and sex trafficked. We arrest parents who sell their children to pimps here. That includes selling them to Dennis Hof through his so called ‘Family’ restaurant aka PIMP recruiting arena!!

OAKLAND: God Bless you for standing against this atrocity. The fact that Nevada would allow ANY connection between children and this pimp tells us all that Nevada is NOT headed in a good direction!!

NEVADA BROTHEL FACTS: I worked in Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch for 4 months in 2009. I have never spoken out with many of the details of what I know about Dennis Hof, Madame Suzette, the official “Bunnies” and the intricacies of the running of the legal brothels under Dennis Hof’s ownership and management. I have pointed out that regardless of how good ‘conceptually’ a legal brothel system may be, you still have the control of the Pimp to contend with. Dennis Hof is just an ordinary Pimp in every aspect of the term!

I am not happy, at all, to see Dennis moving into family businesses as a way to promote his brand of sex slavery. I guess it may be time for an expose` on how this pimp really runs his legal brothel as a front for illegally prostituting girls nationally (and maybe internationally, of that I wasn’t privy), recruits young, underage teen girls online that he brings to his brothel on their 18th birthday and pimps them out while he sleeps with them all. Two came in while I was there. Oh and don’t get me started on the dead pregnant bunny who was ABSOLUTELY sleeping with Dennis around the time she got pregnant and then she was strangely murdered along with a pregnant pornstar while doing a Bunny Ranch promotional gig in Oklahoma. Oh, yeah, just let me get started!!

Yep, Dennis Hof want’s your daughters. He’s also best friends with Porn Valley sex traffickers. If you’re not paying attention, he and his recruiters are already talking to your children. Just as he states below with his references to Playboy, he want’s his brand of sex slavery in every store across America and beyond. Why have we allowed Playboy to promote to our teens in stores across America? Playboy is hardcore porn and should only be available in ADULT ONLY VENUES.

Their softcore image is a front to Porn Valley’s sex trafficking and illegal prostitution to the elites of the World. Dennis Hof and his Bunny Ranch is much more than a ‘Cathouse’. It’s a hotbed of criminal activities both against the girls and women who get stuck there, held in debt bondage and, the customers who are considered nothing more than targets to be conned out of their money for the benefit of The House!

I haven’t spoken out in detail before because I’ve got enough enemies fighting Porn Valley and other entertainment Pimps. Dennis is no small US Pimp to take on when he’s been quiet for some time now. But Dennis, you need to keep the children out of this or I will begin my expose` of every rotten, corrupt, twisted moment I spent under your control. You’re not as big as many others I’ve fought. You go after the children, I figure, what the hell. What’s one more?

NEVADA: You can’t mix sex and children. Pimps can’t do business with families. You need to get your house in order. Either you do or I will!

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