Former Brothel Employee, Brooke Phillips, and Pornstar, Millie Barrera, Both Pregnant, Found Shot and Burned in Oklahoma

EDITORIAL: She wasn’t former. She was working there when I got there in March of 2009. She was sleeping with Dennis and considered one of his ‘favorite’ girls. She had gone home for a month and came back right when I was leaving at the end of July 2009. She moved right back into her spot beside Dennis and in his bed. That baby could’ve most definitely been his. She was in Oklahoma promoting herself at the Bunny Ranch so it was quite possible she was set up for this. This murder was passed over way too fast by law enforcement.

If Brooke was carrying Dennis Hof’s baby, she’d have everything to gain by keeping it and Dennis would have everything to gain by getting rid of her!

brookphillips-blondBrooke Phillips pictures are desired, and not because she’s hot. Brooke Phillips used to work at Dennis Hof’s Nevada Moonlite Bunny Ranch. The Moonlight Bunny Ranch is world-renowned, thanks to the HBO documentary series, “Cathouse.” The series documents the lives of working girls in a legal Nevada brothel. It is aired late nights on HBO. Brooke Phillips left the Bunny Ranch because she learned she was pregnant. Her real name is Hayden Brooks, and she traveled back to Oklahoma after a couple year stint at the Ranch. She was one of four people that were found dead in a fire. Three women and one man died in the blaze, and authorities confirmed that one of the victims were pregnant. We have now learned that 2 of the victims were pregnant.

Dennis Hof is good to his girls. He is outraged about Brooke Phillips’ untimely death. According to KOCO News, Hof states “Give us a little bit of closure and then go ahead and apprehend the criminal that killed this girl and the other people,”

If you look at Brooke Phillips’ pictures, you will see that she was a very beautiful young lady. She was slender and had chin-length blonde hair. Many of the images you will find of her are face shots, although some racier pictures are said to exist.

It is believed that the fire was caused by arson. The fire started early on Monday, November 9 in the morning in Oklahoma City. Police have spoken with the man that rented the home where the four victims were found. He is not a suspect at this time is cooperating with authorities.

Sadly, Brooke was only 21 at the time that she died. According to Celebglitz, Brooke Phillips and another victim – Pornstar Millie Barrera – were both pregnant. Both were shot to death before the house was set on fire.

Since Brooke Phillips was pregnant at the time she was killed, police will seek two counts of murder – one for Brooke and the other for her unborn child. The second pregnant victim will also count for 2 counts of murder, bringing the charges up to 6 total murder charges.

Brooke Phillips has been described as “popular” and “charismatic” by Dennis Hof. Other Bunny Ranch employees describe her as “upbeat” and “positive.” She was reportedly very excited about her pregnancy, although she

never revealed to Hof or the other employees the father’s identity.

Brooke Phillips pictures were once sought after as she was a beautiful entertainer in the adult industry. Unfortunately, the tide has changed and now her pictures are sought after because the world wants to see which of Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch employees were killed.


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